Wilshire Managed Portfolios

Building on Wilshire’s success creating innovative investment solutions for many leading financial institutions, Wilshire Managed Portfolios provide independent broker dealers and registered investment advisors access to the type of investment discipline used by sophisticated institutional investors. Through these turnkey managed portfolios, financial advisors get access to Wilshire’s dynamic asset allocation structures, institutional-caliber investment managers, and market-leading risk management expertise.

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Wilshire offers a range of model portfolios that target distinct investment objectives rooted in institutional best practices. Below are sample descriptions of the Wilshire Managed Portfolios. Please note that while the composition of the model portfolios may vary somewhat depending on how an advisor gains access to the models, Wilshire’s process and objectives remains consistent.

Wilshire Total Allocation Portfolios

The Wilshire Total Allocation Portfolios take alternative investing to the next logical step—creating six risk-based strategic models that combine long only asset classes (stocks and bonds) with alternatives. The Wilshire Total Allocation Portfolios give financial advisors the tools necessary to confidently invest client assets in alternatives while maintaining the client’s established asset allocation strategy. It’s a turnkey approach to making alternatives part of a financial advisor’s practice.
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Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios

Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios are five risk-based, strategic asset allocation portfolios investing exclusively in low cost Exchange Traded Funds. Wilshire uses its strategic asset allocation process to construct each portfolio, seeking to maximize the expected level of return at each risk level. Our objective is to maintain rigorous risk oversight by regularly updating our forward looking asset class risk, return and correlation assumptions.
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Wilshire Active Income Portfolios

Wilshire Active Income Portfolios are a suite of actively managed, go-anywhere asset allocation model portfolios designed to offer a compelling income story. Each of the Wilshire Active Income Portfolios utilizes Wilshire’s active tactical asset allocation strategy overlaid across a range of fixed-income mutual funds.
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Wilshire Investor Portfolios formerly Wilshire Allocation Builder Portfolios

The Wilshire Investor Portfolios are five risk-managed strategic asset allocation models employing multiple mutual fund strategies. Available for as little as $10,000, the Wilshire Investor Portfolios offer smaller accounts access to high-quality investment managers across a wide range of asset classes and styles, with Wilshire’s risk management and oversight built in.
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Wilshire Diversified Alternatives Portfolio

The Wilshire Diversified Alternatives Portfolio is an actively managed, multi-strategy model portfolio investing in a diversified mix of high-quality alternative, hedge-fund-like mutual funds. This portfolio is created to target a 4%–6% annualized standard deviation and can be incorporated by advisors into established strategic asset allocation portfolios to help improve the risk–return tradeoff.
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