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  Wilshire Funds Management Investment Strategy Update - 4/2020

Following a strong start for risk assets in 2020, the market environment changed significantly in mid-February as it became clear that the spread of COVID-19 was beginning to evolve into a global pandemic, thereby increasing the risk to the global economy and financial markets. Over the course of just one month (2/19/20 – 3/23/20), global risk assets experienced a spike in volatility that coincided with deleveraging across financial markets. This risk was exacerbated by an oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, which sent energy markets into a tailspin, triggering an extraordinary deleveraging cycle.

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  Wilshire Funds Management Investment Strategy Update - 2/2020

Global risk assets finished 2019 with strong positive momentum. Economic data continues to exhibit signs of improvement, particularly with respect to the U.S. consumer, as Consumer Sentiment and Retail Sales surprised to the upside. Globally, the economic data has also shown some signs of stability, as growth and inflation in Japan are picking up, economic growth in South Korea outperformed expectations, and German manufacturing showed some signs of potential bottoming.

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  Wilshire Funds Management - Value of Diversification 2020

History shows us that no one asset class has remained the top or bottom performer for long. Trying to time the market and pick the best performers is a risky strategy. Diversifying across a wide range of asset classes enables investors to spread their risk and potentially increase returns, helping smooth what might otherwise be a bumpy ride.

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  Investment Strategy Update, May 2019

Global Equities Rally: Global equities have rallied off the lows of December 2018, particularly U.S. equities, which have reached new highs. While the initial recovery was driven by attractive valuations, the dovish tone of global central banks has been supportive of equities moving higher as the interest rate tightening cycle has ended. This has resulted in a significant decline in global government bond yields. While lower bond yields are supportive of the equity risk premium on a global basis, the bond market and the equity market are sending contrasting signals. Bonds are pricing in much slower growth and inflation, and equities are pricing in optimistic expectations of future earnings growth, specifically in the U.S.

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