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  Market Insight: The Worst Investment Timing

History Shows That Even Buying at the Top Has Been a Winning Strategy – Global equity markets have tumbled nearly 30% since the market peak on February 19th, 2020. The emotional response to such a sharp decline can range from panic about the potential of future losses to enthusiasm about the opportunity for long-term returns. As institutional investors, we are enthusiastic about the growing long-term investment opportunities that this market environment is presenting.

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  Market Insight: This is Not Another Coronavirus Letter

This is not about the coronavirus. We are experiencing a period of heightened volatility in equity markets, and we’ve been expecting this for some time. Equities have been priced for perfection, with historically low levels of volatility and very low yields for high yield bonds—altogether a sign of complacency on behalf of investors which typically precedes corrections in asset prices and heightened market risk.

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