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  Back to Basics: Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs (exchange traded funds) have rapidly grown in popularity since State Street first launched the SPDR in 1993. As a financial advisor, you have likely received inquiries from your clients about ETFs. Questions like “What are they?” or “Should I add them to my portfolio?” are becoming increasingly common. Let’s go back to basics and review exactly what ETFs are, key considerations to weigh before investing in ETFs, and finally, options for implementing ETFs in your client portfolios.

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  Thinking About Retirement? Best Practices for Adding Value to Your Practice Today (pdf)

What is your practice worth? Not what you think it’s worth, but what someone would actually pay for it. Chances are you weren’t handed a flourishing book of business from a family member or an in-law. Most likely you’ve spent years building your book of business, growing clients’ assets, and creating a successful practice for you and your family.

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