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  Market Insight: The Worst Investment Timing

History Shows That Even Buying at the Top Has Been a Winning Strategy – Global equity markets have tumbled nearly 30% since the market peak on February 19th, 2020. The emotional response to such a sharp decline can range from panic about the potential of future losses to enthusiasm about the opportunity for long-term returns. As institutional investors, we are enthusiastic about the growing long-term investment opportunities that this market environment is presenting.

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  Market Insight: This is Not Another Coronavirus Letter

This is not about the coronavirus. We are experiencing a period of heightened volatility in equity markets, and we’ve been expecting this for some time. Equities have been priced for perfection, with historically low levels of volatility and very low yields for high yield bonds—altogether a sign of complacency on behalf of investors which typically precedes corrections in asset prices and heightened market risk.

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  Market Insights: We Have Been Expecting Volatility—This is How We Have Been Preparing for It

In response to recent volatility in global securities markets, we are writing to provide you with our perspective and keep you apprised of our outlook and current positioning in this environment. Although this type of market volatility feels unusual and concerning, it’s important to remind investors that we’ve been here before—as recent as February of this year, and as often as 7 of the past 10 years (2016, 2015, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008). 

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  Market Insights: Performance in Perspective—Headwinds for Multi-Asset Investors in 2016

With U.S. equities soaring to new highs and outpacing virtually every other asset class in 2016, many investors will find themselves looking at the statements of their investment accounts and asking, “Where is my fair share?” As practitioners in the investment advisory community, we all know and understand the long-term benefits of diversification, and we recognize the challenges in chasing performance. Recognizing that well-known and highly followed media outlets simply focus on the stock market and do not provide enough perspective into the performance of the global investment landscape, we would like to take the opportunity to provide our clients with a broad overview of the most important themes that impacted the performance of multi-asset portfolios in 2016.

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Market Insights: U.S Presidential Election—Staying the Course in the Face of Uncertainty

We are not in the business of forecasting politics, but we are closely monitoring the actions and announcements from the Trump administration for clarity regarding the actual implementation of his proposed policy actions. Furthermore, we continue to objectively monitor a broad range of market fundamentals, and we are specifically focused on several factors in formulating our forward-looking views within the scope of the Trump administration.

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Market Insights: Brexit—Cooler Heads Typically Prevail

As you are likely aware, the U.K. voted on Thursday to leave the European Union, which is sending ripples through global markets. This is symptomatic of the growing anti-establishment movement that is becoming more of a global issue. The initial global reaction appears very negative (particularly in foreign equities), as this was clearly not expected, and therefore it was not priced into markets.

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  Market Insights: Does a More Dovish Fed Contrast with Rising Inflation Expectations?

The comments out of the Fed meeting last week were received by some as being surprisingly dovish, as the median dot in the Fed’s dot plot slipped to a year-end level of 0.75 – 1.00 percent. This implies only two 25 basis point rate increases by year-end, and represents a considerable decline from the previous dot plot which implied four 25 basis point rate increases.

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  Market Insights: Interpreting Interest Rate Expectations

Coming out of 2015 on the heels of the Fed’s first interest rate hike since the financial crisis, investors were pricing in a very high probability of several more interest rate hikes in 2016. The Fed’s guidance implied four rate hikes this year, and Fed Funds Futures implied a roughly 90% probability that the Fed would raise rates further by December of 2016.

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