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  Wilshire Funds Management - Value of Diversification 2020

History shows us that no one asset class has remained the top or bottom performer for long. Trying to time the market and pick the best performers is a risky strategy. Diversifying across a wide range of asset classes enables investors to spread their risk and potentially increase returns, helping smooth what might otherwise be a bumpy ride.

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  Managing Downside Risk with Factor-Based Investment Strategies

With equity valuations at historically high levels and market volatility relatively low, advisors are looking for ways to diversify client portfolios to protect against equity market declines. Historically investors diversified across asset classes and geographical regions. But as we learned from the financial crisis, in times of extreme market volatility, many traditional asset classes can become highly correlated. In addition, because of the current low-interest-rate environment and with central banks poised to raise rates in the future, there could be further breakdown in correlation between stocks and bonds as interest rates rise.

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