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  First Quarter 2019 Market Update Webinar

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 First Quarter 2019 Market Commentary

Our replay of the Wilshire First Quarter 2019 Market Update Webinar presented on April 18, 2019 is available below.


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Josh Emanuel, chief investment officer for Wilshire Funds Management, joined Wilshire in 2015. In his role as CIO, Mr. Emanuel leads the investment activities of Wilshire Funds Management, including asset allocation, manager research, portfolio management, and investment research. Mr. Emanuel also chairs the Wilshire Funds Management Investment Committee. Read more »

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Jeremy Heffernan is a vice president of Wilshire Associates. Mr. Heffernan has over 18 years of industry experience heads distribution efforts for Wilshire Advisor Solutions. Prior to joining Wilshire in 2012, Mr. Heffernan marketed investment strategies at Genworth Financial Wealth Management (now AssetMark), Pacific Life Insurance Company, and TD Ameritrade. Read more »

Wilshire Monday Market Flash: A series of weekly updates on market performance and what to look for in the week ahead.

Wilshire Market Flash Feature: A series of periodic updates covering timely market developments as well as recurring features examining specific reports or topics.



MORE IN THIS CATEGORY: Market Commentary, Webinars

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