Wilshire Portfolios at Cetera MF/ETF

The Wilshire Portfolios at Cetera (the “Portfolios”), also known as the Premier Allocation and Premier Tax Sensitive Allocation Portfolios, provide exposure to a variety of asset classes, investment styles, and investment managers including multi-manager funds of Wilshire Mutual Funds, Inc., which are used to enhance diversification and provide access to high conviction investment managers selected by Wilshire’s Manager Research Group.

  • Risk-based, multi-asset class portfolios—Wilshire develops forward-looking, strategic forecasts based on proprietary institutional data to determine the asset allocation policy.
  • Dynamic management—Wilshire dynamically tilts the Portfolios, emphasizing assets and strategies that appear to be attractive and undervalued and de-emphasizing assets and strategies that are not.
  • Institutional investment managers—The Portfolios are anchored by the Wilshire Mutual Funds, which are subadvised by third-party institutional asset managers.
  • Active mutual fund/passive index fund structure—Wilshire Mutual Funds are paired with third-party index funds to control risk and cost.
  • No strategist fee—Wilshire is the sponsor and the investment adviser of the Wilshire Mutual Funds (the “Funds”) and receives advisory fees based on a percentage of the assets in the Funds.