The Wilshire Investment Process

A Clear Investment Approach

Our investment approach is straightforward: We seek to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns through intelligently designed, efficiently managed portfolios that apply the same process, expertise, and knowledge that we employ for our institutional clients.

This approach is applied through:


Dynamic Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation process leverages the consensus expectations of large institutional investors. From there, based on short- to medium-term views, our Investment Strategy Committee can dynamically tilt portfolios to take advantage of changing market conditions.

Asset class views are based on a multi-dimensional framework.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

We recognize that markets are constantly shifting, and we have the agility and expertise to adapt our solutions to address these changes.

Disciplined Manager Research

Manager research is central to everything we do. The approximately 75 professionals that contribute to Wilshire’s manager research efforts are tasked with finding the best strategies across the asset class spectrum. We employ a rigorous and proprietary search and selection process that includes active and passive implementations and alternative strategies.

Our goal is to narrow the field of managers and identify those that have the potential to produce alpha consistently over the long term.

Far-Reaching Knowledge Base

We are continually tracking, collecting, and adding to our proprietary database of over 42,000 investment products. This includes separate accounts, mutual funds, alternative products, collective investment trusts, ETFs, and indices.

Differentiated Access

Our manager research analysts hold over 1,400 manager meetings annually on average, enabling us to regularly refresh our information and insights based on first-hand knowledge of investment managers, their products, and processes.

Powerful Proprietary Tools

Technology is critical to analyzing today’s investment landscape. We utilize proprietary analytic tools that enable us to review large quantities of complex data. This leads to a highly informed view of markets, managers, and risk.

Risk-Aware Portfolio Construction

Building a multi-manager portfolio is not simply a matter of choosing products with the highest alpha potential. Wilshire was an early practitioner of portfolio optimization, taking a variety of factors into consideration to best combine investment manager allocations to maximize expected return for a given level of risk.

Objective Ongoing Oversight

Our responsibility does not end once a portfolio is constructed. We regularly monitor the asset allocation and underlying managers of each portfolio we manage. Portfolios are rebalanced on an ongoing basis, with adjustments made to allocations and managers as conditions warrant.

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